Jakub Tymejczyk

C developer
Wrocław, Poland



    C developer of embedded devices with 4 years of commercial experience.
    In years 2010-2015 I studied Mechatronics at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. After that I started work at Enigma Systemy Ochrony Informacji.


    I studied at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.



    • Languages
      • C as daily programming language
        I'm using C in commercial projects.
      • Python and bash as auxiliary programming Languages
        Scripting languages are used by me to creating tools to increase performance or quality of work.
      • Assembly - ”read only”, using to debug code
        There were few occasions where that was necessary to understand generated assembly code to catch bugs.
    • Tools
      • Version Control Systems
        • git
        • mercurial
        Both VCS were used by me in commercial work. In personal life I prefer git due to fact that's most popular system.
      • IDEs
        • IAR
        • Eclipse and Eclipse-based (Code Composer Studio and MCUXpresso)
      • Operating Systems
        • Linux - using without problems (installing, configuring, daily managing, compiling software from sources)
        • Windows
        I'm able to prepare both OS to work starting with empty disk.
    • CPU Architectures
      • MSP430
      • NXP Kinetis K Series (based on ARM Cortex-M4)

    Personal projects

    I've created one app for Garmin's smartwatches. I used MonkeyC language and Eclipse-based IDE to develop that app. It has almost 10 000 downloads, that's huge number for me as side project.


    trekking, cycling, landscape photography